mission statement

We are a Christian-based company that focuses on our employees' well-being. We believe that by taking care of our employees, we are able to provide high quality services to our customers which in turn help brings profit to the company's bottom line.

We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded with Washington State. Our license number is MAINHHS783BE.

meet the team

We are currently hiring!

We are looking to add more members to the team. Visit the Community Job Board for our openings. We look forward to hear from you!

our equipment

We own and operate our very own 2-ton mini excavator. Our excavator operators have 20 years of experience operating excavators all the way from our mini excavator to the giant, 20-ton excavators to accomplish the mission.

Our reliable Ford truck is powerful, ready to haul whatever we need to get the job complete.

From transporting our mini excavator to hauling away construction debris, our 14-foot dump trailer is pulled by our truck, enabling us to carry even more to and from your work site.

if you can DREAM it, we can HELP build it.